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The Wrong Investigation

Kevin Ingles never wanted to be a cop, but after a con man swindled his parents out of their life savings—and Kevin’s college fund—it was the closest thing to law school he could find. When he’s promoted to the detective bureau, he’s thrilled to say goodbye to the mind-numbing routine of a patrol officer, but he soon finds himself unprepared and out maneuvered by a sophisticated con artist. Frustrated at every turn, Kevin witnesses lives destroyed, fortunes lost, and victims humiliated from elaborate swindles. The con steals a machine shop out from under the nose of its elderly owner, sells a luxury yacht he doesn’t own, and runs a phony cancer charity. And Kevin is helpless to stop him.


Sam Wells has wanted to be a cop since she was seventeen. No one could accuse her of being a slave to the rules, and she’s more than a little rough around the edges, but she takes her job—and her responsibilities as Kevin’s training officer—seriously. Amused at first by Kevin’s single-minded pursuit of the case, Sam grows increasingly appalled by the con man’s growing list of victims.


When their commanding officer orders them to drop the investigation, Kevin digs in harder. Obsessed with the case, he drops all other investigations and goes outside the law to catch his nemesis. Sam does her best to reel him back in, but his mind is made up. He’s going to get the scam artist, no matter what the cost.


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