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A Horse Called Nola.

Grady: “This one kept you from harm. Maybe she was guided by providence.”
Juan: “If she was, them Federal boys didn’t get the message.”

Juan: “She and I went up against General Grant and his army. Four men won’t be so bad.”

Juan: “I’m trading you in for an old mule. Couldn’t be any more stubborn than you.”

Juan: “Ole Nola’s a lot of things: stubborn, cantankerous, and I’ll even give you uncouth. But I
wouldn’t call her silly. She’s as serious as prairie fire.”

Juan: “Don’t be fussing at me when the buzzards are picking at your bones and I’m not even
feeling thirsty.”

Miss Donna: “I thought you intended to trade that old nag in for a goat and two ducks.”

Juan: “All your hand wringing will make ole Nola more nervous than Tom turkey in

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