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Cops, Crooks & Cowboys

Sergeant John Chambers loves being a cop in Long Beach, CA. Sometimes it means having to be in three places at once. Some days, he might be called to investigate a body floating near Mother’s Beach, handle a student protest at the Cal State campus, and work a head-on collision that has traffic in both directions on Pacific Coast Highway at a standstill, all at the same time. It’s gritty, often thankless work. But it’s also a heart-pounding, blood-pumping adrenalin rush and a chance to make a difference in his sunny, sometimes blood-soaked corner of the world.


However, it all begins to unravel when David Gaston, an unscrupulous attorney and weekend cowboy action shooter, targets John and his squad with false claims of discrimination and police brutality.  Gaston has bigger plans than just taking down police officers. His sights are set on eliminating the nation’s most powerful gun lobby—from the inside. While Gaston uses the officers and his own posse as stepping stones toward his ultimate goal, John and his team join Gaston’s cowboy action shooting league and formulate a desperate plan to save their reputations and careers. Dressed in authentic western clothing and mounted on quarter horses, they intend to give Gaston a real taste of the wild west.

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