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Arl fARRIS has never been one to shy away from adventure. The spirit of his novels captures the way he lives, with the sun on his face and wind in his hair.

aRL draws on his knowledge of policing and love of the outdoors for inspiration in writing novels. Among his favorite authors include Ernest Hemingway, Stephen Ambrose, Nelson DeMille, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Lee Child. It was Stephen Cannell who planted the seed that James could also be an author.

Collect all Novels by Arl Farris, a must have in your collection.

Cops Crooks and Cowboys.jpg

Cops, Crooks & Cowboys

The story of a group of inner city police officers who are pushed to the breaking point. The action is seen through the windshield of a black-and-white and over the ears of a galloping quarter horse. Readers of police procedurals and westerns will love the melding of these two genres

The wrong investigation.jpg

The Wrong Investigation

A newly promoted police detective quickly finds himself out-witted and unprepared to stop a sophisticated con artist. The detective goes outside the law to curtail a crime spree and pays a heavy price. A thriller with enough twists and turns to keep the reader flipping pages all the way through to the jarring conclusion. 

Available, summer 2019.

Coming Soon.jpg

The Tournament Master

The Tournament Master promises to hook your attention. A businessman goes to Charleston, South Carolina for an inshore kayak fishing tournament. Along with giant redfish, he catches more than he bargained for. 

Available, spring 2020. 

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