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In the Sheriff's Words

Juan: “You’ll be treated better in heaven than you were in Tucson.”

Juan: “I’m saying this is going to be a peaceful town…even if I have to kill everyone in it to
make it that way.”

Grady: “Not many Mexicans fought for the South.”
Juan: “I wouldn’t know. I fought for Texas.”

Juan: “Just like a vermin to go off and die on me before saying what needed to be said.”

Grady: “This town would never hire a Mexican as the new sheriff.”
Juan: “They didn’t hire me. I hired myself.”

Juan: “If I ever found me a woman who could head-shoot a moving cottontail with a six-gun
while sitting on a horse from thirty feet, I’d marry her on the spot.”

Juan: “For starters, I am the posse.”

Juan: “I’m no Pinkerton man. I just want to know who owns the mare.”

Juan: “And as sweet as Miss Becky, Mona and Fanny are, they are more skilled at separating a
man from his money than you are at judging a person’s character.”

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