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Justice form a Hot Barrel.jpg

Justice from a Hot Barrel


Follow the exploits of Sheriff Juan Miguel Castillo as he fights through bushwhackers, hired guns, and dangerous outlaws to find justice.In a time when most folks are doing their best to forget about the war, the Fraternity Of The Civil War Roundtable is determined to hear from those who were on the front lines. Paying in gold, a mysterious gentleman comes to town searching for the right man with the gift of gab to recount the battles and brawls from the Civil War. It is up to Sheriff Juan Miguel Castillo to unravel the secret behind the Fraternity before it is too late.You don’t want to miss this action-packed Western adventure from the author who has brought so many great characters to life. This promises to be the most rip-roaring and dangerous exploit from of the Old West yet. 

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