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Now On Sale!

The Sheriff Of Tucson

The spellbinding new Western adventure from acclaimed author Arl Farris. This is rip-roaring action, adventure and drama taking place on the Western frontier. When a dangerous town is in dire need, Juan Castillo is the man for the job! Tucson has a problem. Their sheriffs keep getting killed. Federal Marshal Juan Miguel Castillo is sent there to settle things down until a new sheriff can take over. But settling things down means bringing in a band of outlaws with a history of killing anyone who gets in their way. On his trusty warhorse, Nola, Juan trails his quarry deep into Apache territory. The marshal is plenty good with a gun and trained to handle any bandito, but nothing in his past has prepared him for the woman from Delilah’s Saloon. Grab your copy of this fresh new Western adventure from an author who knows how to bring characters to life, and make them dangerous for the world to see!

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