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Coming Spring 2020

The Tournament Master

Kyle Davis’s home life is a wreck. Stuck in a loveless marriage with an escort who presented him with twin girls after a weekend romp in Vegas, he cheats on his wife almost as often as he cheats at cards. But when it comes to fishing, he can do no wrong. He’s fished kayak tournaments from Hawaii to the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico to the Southern Atlantic Seaboard. He’s battled sailfish in deep blue seas and bull reds in the skinny water. He’s the Tournament Master and has the trophies to prove it. When he arrives in Charleston, South Carolina for an inshore contest, his wife and twin girls in tow, he’s determined to defend his crown.


Things go awry from the beginning, with an attempted carjacking, a missing angler, and a narrow escape from a lightning storm. But these all seem like minor inconveniences when his daughters are kidnapped.


After the kidnappers threaten to harm the girls if they go to the police, Kyle and his wife can finally agree on something. No police. It’s up to Kyle to rescue his daughters. But if he stands any chance of getting the girls back, he must first untangle the mess in his own life. In what may be his final tournament, Kyle catches more than he bargained for in a contest not of his choosing.


Available, spring 2020.

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